Wondering if your diet pills are a rip-off?  Is there a better way to lose weight?  Dr. Bunny Vreeland discusses how hypnosis may help you!

Peggy was an expert when is came to weight loss. Over the years she had tried it all: diets, shots, pills, pre-packaged foods, aversion therapy, and even those dangerous liquid protein fasts. All had practically the same results a few pounds lost, to be sure, but then these same few pounds plus several more to spare soon found there way back on her 5’4″ frame. With such a track records of failure, Peggy was quite naturally a bit skeptical when two of her friends told her how they each had lost weight through hypnosis. However, at an all-time high of 157 pounds, she felt she had nothing to lose so she consulted a clinical hypnotherapist. Three and a half months after her first visit she had lost 42 pounds reaching her goal weight of 115 pounds. Best of all, she did it without dieting.

Peggy, her friends, and thousands of men and women across the United States are now turning to a safe, highly effective, and medically approved therapy that they desperately looked upon as their last hope only to find that it proved to be their best choice. Hypnosis may be defined as an altered state of consciousness characterized by heightened suggestibility, increased physical relaxation, and a focusing of attention and concentration on a specific thought or idea. It allows you to bypass the critical part of the mind and communicate directly with the uncritical subconscious. Suggestions given to a mind and communicate directly with the uncritical subconscious. Suggestion given to a mind in this state are powerfully heightened. This, according to experts, is what makes hypnosis such a powerful tool for weight loss.

Hypnosis allows the mind to vividly imagine a situation, according to Dr. Bunny Vreeland. What the mind conceives, the body has a tendency to achieve. Or, to put it another way, before anything can be accomplished physically, it must be accomplished mentally.

Under hypnosis, patients may be guided by their therapist through mental imageries developed specifically for them. For example, they will see themselves at the size and shape they want to be. They may imagine themselves in a store trying on a new pair of slacks, for instance. They’ll actually feel the zipper closing.

There’s an old saying, says Dr. Bunny, as she is known to her clients. Before the weight can come off and stay off of the body, it must come off from between the ears. This means that the only way to successfully and permanently lose weight is to change one’s attitude about the food that is putting the weight on.

Attitude is everything in life. Hypnosis helps the patient redirect their priorities so that the desire for the fattening foods is replaced by a stronger desire for a slim, trim figure or vibrant vitality or whatever else is important to that particular individual. In that way we can eliminate one of the main stumbling blocks of diets, which is willpower a very unreliable device. Willpower means that you have to deprive yourself of something you want. With hypnosis, however, willpower becomes unnecessary since you can’t very well feel deprived of something that you don’t want.

It’s like this: Diets say I want it, meaning the fattening foods, but I can’t have it. With hypnosis you’re saying I can have it but I just don’t want it. Or, I want less. After a properly administered hypnotherapy program it would actually take willpower to eat the wrong foods, since they’ll be no desire for them.

Pamela Segal, another clinical hypnotherapist specializing in weight loss, echoed the same sentiments. The best approach is a positive one. Diets and the like are basically ineffective because of their negativeness and their reliance on an often times superhuman conscious effort. Hypnosis allows us to minimize the effort and maximize the results.

For instance, I recently worked with a patient who was hooked on Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses. She would eat as much as a bag a day. About the third week into her weight loss program I asked her how she was doing with the chocolate. She looked puzzled for a moment and then said. You know something? I just realized that I haven’t had a Chocolate Kiss in two weeks. I can’t believe it. I don’t want them and I honestly don’t even miss them.

That’s a common response, adds Dr. Bunny. I realize that the results of hypnotherapy may at times seem truly miraculous but it is based on sound, proven, and time=tested principles. Anybody with an open mind, a commitment to change, and a willingness to assume responsibility for his or her habits can be helped to not only lose weight through hypnosis but o lose it permanently.

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